Grains of Sand

  • Grains Of Sand
  • Leave me Alone
  • Another Love Has Gone
  • Free
  • Since I've Been Gone
  • Don't Need Nobody
  • Again
  • I was Blind
  • Wonderful Times
  • Give You Up


Metzgerstrasse 67
52070 Aachen

Tel: +49 (0)172 / 245 385 1


Grey Charlez: Leadguitar and Vocals
Wulff Maahn: Guitar
Frank Le Gov: Bass
JFK: Drums

Liveshows - Grey Attack on Stage

Former Shows - also as Support for: ANVIL, Y&T, Q5, ROBIN BECK, BONFIRE, LOUDNESS, AND THEN SHE CAME

21. September Saalbau Rothe Erde Aachen
22. September FZW Dortmund
23. September 7er Club Mannheim
24. September Spectrum Club Augsburg
26. September Rockfabrik Ludwigsburg
27. September Kubana Siegburg
28. September der Hirsch Nürnberg
29. September Exhaus Trier
Support ROBIN BECK - Love is coming-Tour 2018
23. July La Porticada Santander/Spain
24. July Sound Stage Madrid/Spain
25. July Razzmatazz Barcelona/Spain
Mainsupport BONFIRE Temple of Lies-Tour 2018
01. May Eventwerk Dresden
02. May Musik und Frieden Berlin
03. May Posthalle Würzburg
04. May Jazzhaus Freiburg
05. May Musikburg Aarburg/Switzerland
06. May Eventhalle Zweibrücken
07. May Backstage München
08. May Stadtsaal Mühldorf
09. May Club Cann Stuttgart
10. May 7er Club Mannheim
Support/Mainsupport ANVIL Pounding the Pavement-Tour 2018
01. February Gebr. de Nobel Leiden/Holland
02. February Poppodium Grenswerk Venlo/Holland
03. February Metropol Hengelo/Holland
04. February Little Devil Tilburg/Holland
24. February De Kreun Kortrijk/Holland
04. May Nachtleben Frankfurt
05. May Markthalle Hamburg
06. May Kubana Siegburg
Mainsupport BONFIRE Byte the Bullet-Tour 2017
16. December Kreuz Obermarchtal
17. December Hirsch Nürnberg
18. December Zentrum Altenberg Oberhausen
19. December Spectrum Augsburg
22. December Eventhalle Ingolstadt - last BONFIRE-Show
20. October 2017 25 Jahre Musikbunker Aachen
8. October 2017 Musikhalle Hamburg
9. September 2017 Verbier Bike Festival - Switzerland
25. Augsut 2017 Baltic Open Air Busdorf
25. March 2017 Mix N' Kawa - MK Bar Belval, Luxemburg
10. March 2017 Kubana Live Club Siegburg
9. March 2017 Tank-Stelle Dormagen
21. January 2017 Discothek Rockfabrik & EDEN Übach-Palenberg
29. October 2016 Musikbunker Aachen Aachen
2. October 2016 German METAL Meeting PART VI Oefenbunker Landgraaf, Holland
30. September 2016 Schlachthof Rocknacht Aachen
20. June 2016 Netuse Stage Kiel
Support LOUDNESS European-Tour 2016
08. July Roxy Flensburg
13. July Musikhalle Hamburg
14. July Matrix Bochum
16. July Gebr de Nobel Leiden/Holland - last LOUDNESS-Show
07. November 2015 The Wild Rover Irish Pub Aachen
05. September 2015 Endart Düren
27. July 2015 Netuse Stage Kiel
25. July 2015 Netuse Stage Kiel
15. April 2015 Spirit of 66 Verviers, Belgium
20. March 2015 Ela Ela Schleswig
12. September 2014 CD-Release Musikbunker Aachen
23. November 2013 Schlüsselloch Aachen
12. September 2013 The Wild Rover Irish Pub Aachen


Long in the tooth, and ready to bite; these experienced rock gentlemen from Grey Attack are ready to rock your socks off and show those young whipper-snappers a thing or two about kicking ass!

And they’re not done yet, not by a long shot....

They are in your face and ready to let loose with kicking songs. Like careering juggernauts the guitars storm out of the speakers and crash into your ears with merciless power.

The punch and thrust of the drums makes your bowels squirm with delight! The lumberjackesque drummer does his best to be environmentally friendly despite the amount of drumsticks he goes through.

The unrelentingly powerful bass lines rock your very soul and urge you to worship the master of Cardiac arrythmia; the audience members loving every masochistic minute of it.

All in all, in your face and ready to go.... Lovingly prepared and served up to you….Real guys, who have done some great support shows with Rock giants like LOUDNESS from Japan, Y&T and Robin Beck from the states, ANVIL from Canada and also with BONFIRE and AND THEN SHE CAME from Germany.

The new album "GRAINS OF SAND"is released on April 26th 2018. So stay tuned for new songs they will play on the upcoming "Grains of sand " Tour in 2018 and 2019

Grey Attack in Press

BREAK OUT (Juli/August-Ausgabe 3 2015)
»...teils brachiale, teils treibende Songs, die ins Ohr gehen...«
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Rock It! (Heft #88 Juli/August 2015)
»...Hoffnung auf einen neuen Exportschlager aus Aachen...«
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+ CD-Kritik: »...abwechlungsreiches Studiowerk...«
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LEGACY (03/2015 #96 Mai/Juni)
»...schickt sich an, um aus dem Schatten der Scorpions herauszutreten...«
Weitere Infos hier: LEGACY
»...ordentliches Rockbrett ... eine erfahrene Band, die weiß was sie tut...«
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»Tolles Album. … Im Fahrwasser der Scorpions … sehr empfehlenswert...«
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»...I want you to rock!...«
Weitere Infos hier: Powermetal
»...ansprechende Melange aus nach vorne schiebenden Nummern und stimmungsvollen Midtempo-Songs...«
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»...richtige Mischung aus Power und Gefühl … ausgereiftes Songwriting und punktgenaue Arrangements...«
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Sound Base
»...Gitarrenriffs machen saitenweise Schlagzeilen...«
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»...spectacular song material … rousing stage performance...«
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